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Why Did Michael Write His Story?


For many years, people who've known Michael have been saying, "Michael, why don't you write your story?" People have told him that they find his life story and the challenges that he's overcome to be inspirational and motivational.

So when he started to consider putting his life down on paper he wanted it to be a book that would inspire people to look within themselves for their own inner strength, bring an inner discipline to their lives and motivate them to achieve their goals.

Michael's story encourages the reader to see challenges as opportunities to become their successful self through self-determination and a resolve to achieving their goals.

In Michael's book, Driven by Desperation, he shares with you the challenging events of his life, from a childhood of love, poverty, starvation and abuse in Jamaica, to death threats, homelessness, divorce and the enormous success of creating his own business, M.A. Folkes Company, Inc., in America against all the odds.

Michael takes the reader on his journey of ambition, determination, faith, prayer and hope, to inspire and encourage people to look at their own challenges, whether big or small, and reflect on how they too, can turn the negative to positive, the challenge to opportunity, and work towards their own life goals to achieve the success of their own dreams. Today Driven By Desperation is incorporated in the curriculum in educational institutions and available in local libraries.


"Don't be afraid to fail, deal with your fears, don't avoid them. Don't run away from your fears, face them and triumph over them. This practice will change and strengthen your life permanently in a significant way." - Michael A. Folkes