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I’ve just finished reading your book and I’m really inspired. I can’t believe you had gone through so much during childhood. This book is an inspiration. It has really opened my eyes to the fact that no matter who you are or where you are if you are ambitious and allow God to lead you then you can achieve great things. I've found a new love and respect for you. May God continue to bless and prosper you. Blessings!
-  Fiona Wallace, Teacher, Mount Waddy Primary School, Friendship, Jamaica

I read your book and I am truly inspired by your story. Your time in Friendship reminded me of my own childhood in Linstead. I think you are an amazing person for overcoming so many obstacles and for having the strength to forgive those who wronged you.
- Sherine Tulloch

What a powerful book! The vivid details that Michael paints for you is remarkable. It is as if you could close you eyes and feel like you are in the room with him. I also am enjoying how he talks about the history of Jamaica. I just found my favorite verse, "Prayer is not an excuse to do nothing, expecting that all will be provided." Such a powerful sentence! This is a must read for all, you won't be disappointed! Take it from a man that was "Driven By Desperation"
   - Andre Bowie

This book, Driven By Desperation, is highlighted and tabbed throughout. There is no way you can read this book and not be moved! Not be changed or, recognize where change needs to be made in your life! Such an incredible book. Such an incredible story.
   - Dazery Dyer

Enjoyed reading the book Driven By Desperation
What an amazing individual with so much determination, growing from a small child in a poor country of Jamaica to the successful adult that he has become, battling extreme poverty as well as extreme abuse. With limited education and experiencing humiliation from children at school and enduring so much hunger, yet staying strong. We do know God was with him and his sister. This story touched my heart deeply with a great deal of admiration for Michael. His faith, guidance, determination, and love for God and his beloved grandfather brought him through it all. Knowing Michael indirectly leaves me a sense of feeling proud of an individual that says I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me, and through all he is determined to help others. What an amazing young man.
   - Irene Fernanders, Cordova, TN

I now own your book. Truly, it is amazing (easy to follow and appropriate length) and I will get couple more for my friends and family. Your story will empower some of us from elsewhere who are still mentally negative about their ability to succeed in the land of opportunity. 
   - Dramane (Bréhima Koné)