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Author, Michael Folkes

  • Introduction to Michael A. Folkes

Everyone loves a great rags-to-riches story, but Michael Folkes’ tale is far more than that. It’s a chronology that sounds almost more make-believe than real.

Born into poverty and abuse in Jamaica, Michael could have become just one more underprivileged statistic, condemned to a life of punishing labor, were it not for his mother’s throwing up her hands in despair one day and taking him to live with his paternal grandparents. That changed everything. Melbourne Folkes taught his grandson the values of honor, commitment and faith in God. Michael listened - and learned.

 As a teenager he returned to live with his mother, but not for long. He soon joined the wait staff of a cruise ship in America. Despite a number of temporary setbacks, Michael endured patiently his long hours and low wages. He initiated some excellent contacts and amassed great tips! After a long climb, his dedication paid off. His fresh, new third party logistics, packaging and value added services company snagged a household-name anchor client. Michael was off and running.

Today he is successful enough to have established a Foundation at his former elementary school in Mount Waddy that will aid children like himself to further their educations and make their lives hopeful and satisfying. He travels there regularly to re-infuse “his” kids and himself with optimism and a can-do attitude.

Why look back now after so many years at those traumatic times of starvation and loneliness? Because all of those children who might otherwise feel that success and happiness are off-limits to them are really Michael himself. He knows for certain that his beloved grandfather changed everything, that a single caring adult therefore has the enormous power to transform a child’s very existence. What was once done for him, he now wants to do for others.

Driven By Desperation traces how Michael Folkes reshaped his life - and how readers can do so as well.